Ascension tower

architecture, competitions


Zagreb, Croatia




international competition-among 10 finalists


160 m2


By the river bank stands the new Zagreb's landmark. This is a transparent one!
It holds on to its main core which consists of two elevators and stairs. The highest point, the platform, is where one can observe the city in a 360-degree panoramic view.
Climbing the outside stairs, one can observe the city from all corners, like walking through a vertical promenade. One can take a break and enjoy the view in two stop points that are extensions of the stairs - forming amphitheatrical seating. These two viewpoints can also be reached via the elevators. A steel structure wraps the entire promenade and its core. It is a semi-transparent skin that intertwines in a vertical and horizontal direction. This white structure forms the body of the tower and connects the inside and the outside.
The tower becomes a pure landmark by day and a lighting landmark by night.