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international competition-honorable mention


The current way of life has become unhealthy for all living beings and destructive for the planet. People became antisocial and have less connection with nature. It is time for a new era, new movement, a sustainable future where some rules are a MUST. People should learn how to respect nature and resources by practicing the process of their production. It is time for everybody to produce their own energy, recycle the water and the waste they create, produce, and grow the food they eat. Such rules for a sustainable future, demand a new way of dwelling. A different housing concept that will strongly affect the social aspect of humans and their city of tomorrow. Reinforcing the idea of the Immeuble villas which had their own gardens, the new “building” will enclose an “empty” green space, filled with rooms (private spaces). The building can be a home for 1, 2 … 10 families, and will replace the classic building system in the classic urban block. People will work from home, so the working space will be a must and the “after work” time will be mostly spent outside in the public spaces of the city. With that, the living room and the working space turn into a green oasis where people can spend most of the time in a direct connection with the nature. Every household grows its home greenery including food crops. The new kitchen includes new build-in modules for selected recycling. The process of product processing will now go through a full cycle. The consequences of such living will also be visible in the city's functioning and programs. The “Machines for living” will turn into “Green oasis for living and working” and the “collective living” will turn into a “semi-public space”.