urban installations


Gjirokastra, Albania






The idea of the project was to transfer the traditional wooden ceiling decorations of the houses, to the food. Mostly flower motives, for example, the pomegranate flower which tree is known to be planted in every house of Gjirokastra, are placed in wooden stamps that will serve to make local biscuits, both in terms of décor and ingredients.
The aim of this project was also to arouse a collaboration between the local artisans, for example, the traditional carpenter, and the restaurant known for the local recipes and ingredients, which helped and let their workshop place for the production of this project idea.
This project is made in the residency in Albania as part of the ARTECH project (Arts, Rediscovery, Traditions, Eclectic, Contemporary, Heritage). ARTECH is implemented by the Comarca del Maestrazgo in Spain, Transylvania Trust in Romania, Gjirokastra Foundation in Albania and Archikidz in Ukraine, co-financed by Creative Europe BE.

Photo credits: Valbona Fejza, Tisure Studio, & Manjola Bici