architecture, urban installations


Gjirokastra, Albania






The installation is a prototype of a tent whose shape is inspired by the traditional men's skirt of Gjirokastra, called ‘Fustanella’. The traditional Fustanella is a skirt of 500 pieces, while the Fustanella tent is made of approximately 50 pieces. The Fustanella tent represents a collage of: traditional floral motives and typical colors of Gjirokastra found in the traditional clothes, decorative embroidery placed in household elements which allow sun rays drops, characteristic herbs, and leaves of fruits found in Gjirokastra’s gardens and houses used as aromatics.
This project aims to translate the traditional into a modern and useful product, that will make a pleasant shadow in the inner streets of the Bazaar, meanwhile adding an artistic touch and uniqueness to an otherwise simple tent.

Here is a video made by Bjant Çami and Foundation Gjirokastra, to get an idea about the source of inspiration and the magical context of the city of Gjirokastra. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQsi-LQEhVE

This project was completed in the first one-week residency in Albania as part of the ARTECH project (Arts, Rediscovery, Traditions, Eclectic, Contemporary, Heritage). ARTECH is implemented by the Comarca del Maestrazgo in Spain, Transylvania Trust in Romania, Gjirokastra Foundation in Albania and Archikidz in Ukraine, co-financed by Creative Europe BE.

Photo credits: Liridona Ura