Kids factory

architecture, competitions


Laveno Mombello, Italy




international competition-finalist mention


27000 m2


NEVER GROW UP!- is the motto of this project, which takes place in a former pottery factory near the banks of Lake Maggiore. Kids' factory is a whole new planet waiting to be discovered. The scale of the location enables a handful of mini-worlds to take place within the walls of the factory. The new “Kids Boulevard“ serves as a fast route to all the different programs and thematic sectors. The boulevard is a pedestrian walkway but also offers a mini-train ride through the location. The playgrounds consist of 7 thematic sectors each representing a new “world“. New villages, landscapes, and forests offer a touch with nature but also the fantasy world. Much is left to the children's imagination and these are places that do not appeal only for a certain age. Children of all ages can find their own entertainment here. The educational sector occupies an open plan area, forming different unconventional classroom spaces. The research center and the laboratories are situated on the first floor and the accommodation spaces are on the second floor. The old buildings enclose the “Square of Pottery“ which accommodates offices, souvenir shops, and the new museum of pottery. “Square of events“ becomes new collective space for Laveno Mombello. The square connects the location with its surroundings while becoming a landmark. The public spaces flow to the roof of the factory which becomes a public space. The new roof terrace offers people a place where they can spend time enjoying the view of the lake.