The future of in-between spaces



Tirana, Albania






Our perception of the balconies and terraces has shifted in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a space that related to the provision of well-being during the lockdown, especially for the people that had no access to other open spaces.

During Tirana Design Week 2021 which was about Post Pandemic City, a workshop was realized with 4th year architecture students from POLIS University in Tirana, Albania.
The workshop was done in two parts. The first task was to document existing balconies, and the second task was to propose new ideas of how balconies can evolve in the future.
The chosen case study area was near the New Bazaar in Tirana because that location is formed by building with diverse built time and typology.
The objective of the workshop research was to produce a catalog of existing balconies in a central area district in Tirana, and a catalog of visions on how balconies in this area should develop in the post-pandemic period. The visions were achieved through collage as a technique for designing and imagining the future of balconies in Tirana, inspired by three given keywords. Each of the student groups was given three keywords according to which they had to design the future balconies, 2 of them were selected from the catalog of uses produced in the first days of the workshop, and the third keyword was inspired by the use of the balconies during the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down.

Participants: Andi Vrenozi, Fiona Ferko, Iden Buka, Klea Guraleci, Laura Malaj, Rino Alizoti, Sibora Agalliu, Bruno Ndoja, Markeljan Lleshi, Merin Begeja, Renato Qose, Albrina Abdullai, Eraldo Tufa, Enisa Goma, Kid Kongjoni, Tanja Koci, Merushe Muhaj, Hekuran Bendaj, Anisa Biba, Hera Maranaku, Arkeida Merxhushi, Armela Vajushi, Deivi Gjuraj, Julian Prela, Redi Alla, Zaim Beqari, Seher Ulusoy, Christiane Gerwenat, Antiola Kapaj, Marsela Elezi, Ivisa Methasani, Lorena Ymeraj, Desara Coku, Kevi Mollaj, Tea Dajti, Egla Bicaku, Erisel Meto, Bleona Karaj, Erika Mucollari, Enik Gjeci, Kejsi Como, Serxho Kulla.