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Algarve coast, Portugal




international competition-2nd place


The Algarve Coast in Portugal, a perfect natural observatory and border between the two main surfaces of our planet, the sea, and the earth. The two vital elements that offer us life, but suffer from our detrimental behavior.
On the edge of this landscape observatory, stands a sculpture, a point of awareness, that connects these two surfaces. It is the ”Sea Museum”, a lighthouse that can be seen from any point of the coast, but still makes you wonder about its hidden ability to lighten up your mind. This museum offers visitors a communication and experience with the Sea World, with a mission to make changes for a better place on planet Earth.
The hidden spaces underneath the earth represent the five Oceans. Each representation shows the unique natural characteristics, and their dark polluted side caused by the Human factor. Each ocean is represented by a space with different ceiling height and temperature fluctuations. The flora and fauna of the oceans are projected to the walls showing the different organisms that live in every one of the depth zones. The oceans are interconnected with a path that leads visitors through the permanent exhibition. The ceiling of this representation of the oceans is a platform that is used for the temporary exhibition – the pollution problems. This way the visitors’ perfect trip to the undersea fades under the plastic trash floating above their heads. How to better show the problem than to try to represent the reality? This is a temporary exhibition we all hope will not last for long!