Liridona Ura


architecture, urban installations


Bánffy Castle, Bontida, Romania






The pillars that supported the extravagant appearance of life in the castle, now become visible shadows...
Who was cooking? Who was cleaning? Who was serving?... These are the questions that arise through this installation, with which individuals forgotten and ignored by history are remembered and brought to life.
This installation is located in Bánffy Castle, Bontida, Romania and the aim, as well, is to make the visitors aware of the importance of the community that cares for the castle now and in the past.
Moreover, the hand bending of the silhouettes embodies the experience of the workers and the help of the other participants of this residence during the process fulfilled the experience as one part-time working community in the castle.
This project is made in the residency in Romania as part of the ARTECH project (Arts, Rediscovery, Traditions, Eclectic, Contemporary, Heritage). ARTECH is implemented by the Comarca del Maestrazgo in Spain, Transylvania Trust in Romania, Gjirokastra Foundation in Albania and Archikidz in Ukraine, co-financed by Creative Europe BE.

Photo credits: Liridona Ura, Daniel Vera, & Valbona Fejza